G'day and Welcome!

I’m Tasha Wilson, Aussie ex-stresshead turned life and mental wellness coach.

I created The Empowered Woman Club to help busy women PUT THEMSELVES FIRST…so they can stress less, hit health goals, and start smiling more, today!

From Hot Mess to Empowered Success...

There was a time when I felt trapped in this vicious circle of being “busy”. So “busy” that I got nothing done.

My house was a mess, my life was a mess and I couldn’t find any joy in whatever I was doing. 

Although I got nothing done, it felt like I had a lot to do! Having too many responsibilities had me feeling overwhelmed and I didn’t know what to do or where to start. 

My anxiety and stress levels were through the roof, my health was struggling, my energy was zapped, and I felt helpless.

…I was REALLY trying. So, why… why did I struggle so much?

But then...I learned EVERYTHING is connected - and it completely changed my life.

When you’re healthy, you’re more productive in life. When your health is going strong, you have less stress. A calmer, stress-free life means better relationships, better eating habits, better health…can you see where this is going?

I finally understood to really change your life, you need to change your MINDSET and ATTITUDE towards taking care of yourself.

Together, we’re going to follow your path to mental, physical, and emotional health.

I’m sharing the exact process I went through to go from knackered, overwhelmed & stressed-out to refueled, cared for, and ready to face all of life’s challenges (without turning to self-sabotaging behaviors!).

Everything affects everything else, which is why I created the Empowered Woman Club, to offer my clients a complete, integrated approach to life and well-being.

I struggled with these issues for years, and the entire time I felt so alone. It was like no one really understood me, and I just wanted a little encouragement and some support.

That’s the person that I want to be for you. Welcome to the Empowered Woman Club!

Here are some fun facts about me!


I’m Certified as a Transformational Nutrition Coach, Digestive Health Specialist, Mental Wellness Specialist and Life Coach. I live in Tasmania, Australia, but I help busy women all over the world with the wonders of the internet. 


When I’m not helping busy women find their balance, you can find me spending time with my hubby and two older kids, plotting renovations, singing, hugging our cat, or trying new (healthy but EASY!) recipes at home.


I have worked with hundreds of women just like you to feel better and as a result, look better as they gain control over their mindset. It is possible to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle in today’s busy world; I can’t wait to help show you how.

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